Planting or Protecting: What is More Urgent?

Plantar ou proteger?

These alternatives can effectively guarantee improvements in the health of our planet

The debate over whether the health of our planet is deteriorating is not new for anyone; after all, the climatic changes we see today are a result of global warming, and it has affected the everyday lives of all of us. However, is there something that can explain why this is happening so abruptly and frequently?

We can not fail to talk about the importance of plants that are fundamental to life on Earth. They generate oxygen, food, fibers, fuels and medicines. They also control the temperature, balance and dynamics of water on the planet. In short, plants are essential to our well-being.

The Amazon Rainforest has suffered from rampant deforestation, and this is one of the causes that can begin to explain the negative effects that we’ve seen on our planet, with global warming as the most visible effect. Understanding that our health is directly related to the health of the planet is essential to developing alternatives that are effective and efficient to fuel change today.

A clear path is to think about ways to fight deforestation. Could we plant a certain amount of plants or trees to contribute to the reduction of deforested areas, or would it be better to invest in ideas that will work to protect endangered areas?

To Plant or to Protect, that is the Question

Surely you must be asking yourself, “should we plant or should we protect? What is the most efficient solution for the world?” 

It is extremely important to understand that there is no right or wrong way to do this, but there is a possibility that we can think of alternatives that may correspond to macro-level solutions. These may contribute more to reducing the impacts of climate change.

Logically, when you plant a particular species, you are doing something positive for our planet. However, by planting in an area under your supervision, your contributions become somewhat limited by only allowing certain species to develop in this space. In other words, in this particular context, we can say that planting would have a micro-level effect, as there would not be a possibility for the development of the diversity of flora in the region.

On the other hand, we have the possibility of exploring a macro-level alternative. By protecting an area, we are able to more comprehensively support the biodiversity of this space.

Biodiversity encompasses species diversity, which is the richness of existing species, genetic diversity, which is the diversity of genes between individuals of a species, and the diversity of ecosystems, which is the diversity of ecosystems in which biological communities inhabit and interact.

It is urgent to discuss how to work together to improve the health of our planet as well as the impact that we have on the world. Everything, including our consumption tendencies and the actions we take, affect our planet.

The world needs our help and care today.

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