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We use technology to keep the 1 minute with Moss: how we accelerate climate solutions with carbon credits and technology.

Companies that have offset their carbon footprint with Moss

Meet the companies that have offset their carbon footprint and are changing the market to build a greener future.

Our commitment to saving the Amazon has reached the skies of Brazil: all Gol passengers can offset the carbon footprint of their trips using an exclusive calculator.

Celo is advancing its mission to create a currency that not only facilitates economic transactions, but also protects the environment. 0.5% of the Celo Reserve is allocated to Moss’ MC02 tokens.

In partnership with Moss, Banco Alfa offers its clients innovative carbon offset solutions, supporting more companies on the sustainable journey of the ESG agenda.

Now it's your company's turn to earn the Carbon Neutral Seal!

Start by offsetting the carbon footprint of your office activities.

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Technology and local presence: find out how our solutions build a more sustainable future.

End-to-end carbon solutions

Moss Forest is our revolution in the carbon market: it is the first platform in Brazil that delivers in minutes, a process that traditionally can take up to 6 months.

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It enables the certification of carbon credit projects through Digital Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (DMRV), covering the entire national territory.

The system crosses databases and satellite images to estimate a specific area's carbon credit origination potential.

It is faster, cost-effective and human error proof: we use geospatial analysis, remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and Big Data to search for potential forest areas. With that, we join forces with landowners to develop projects that generate carbon credits by promoting environmental conservation and the development of local communities.

The system provides in real time and assertively:


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Brazilian real estate and environmental analysis.

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Monitoring of fauna and flora, in addition to the incidence/potential of deforestation

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Estimating carbon credits

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And why is the carbon market so crucial for forests?

The villain
How to switch this scenario
Our solution

Deforestation is profitable: selling deforested areas brings a lot of money.


The regenerative economy is a movement for all

Financially valuing the environment, considering its relationship with people, is a way to prevent a socio-environmental crisis and restrain the degradation of these resources. The carbon market is part of this movement, protecting, developing, and adding value to our greatest asset: the Amazon rainforest.

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