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What is the impact of your company on the planet? Calculate, offset, and lead that change.


The new economy

Why be part of the


of people want more sustainable products after the pandemic. (World Economic Forum, 2020)


of Brazilians say that a company’s sustainable actions influence, to some degree, their choice of products or suppliers. (Capterra)


of people have already stopped consuming products from companies that do not meet the environmental preservation agenda. (Opinion Box)

How it works

Let’s do this together.

Moss will show you the way.

Minimize your environmental impact with Moss:



Calculate your company’s carbon footprint and count on our experts to help you find the best way to offset your emissions.


Buy carbon credits issued by Moss and offset the environmental impact of your company in a quick, transparent, and secure way.




After offsetting your carbon emissions, you will receive Moss’s certificate and label to show everyone—customers, employees, and stakeholders—your commitment to sustainability.

What kinds of footprints can be offset?

Contact us to understand all types of offsets and find the ideal solution for your company.

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    Official certification

    Why is certification

    Moss’s certificate is the document that proves that your company has offset its greenhouse gas emissions.
    Its labels help consumers make more sustainable choices,
    influence purchasing decisions, and stimulate debate.

    Offsetting all CO2 emissions in a given year.

    Understand the impact

    Moss in numbers

    At Moss, we believe that offsetting is the smartest and most effective way to fight climate change. Our goal is to make this tool accessible to the greatest number of people, amplifying its impact.

    We do this through custom solutions with traceable blockchain technology. Our carbon credits and tokens are audited and certified by the world’s largest companies: Deloitte, Armanino, Perkinscoie, Python, Verra, EY, and Alliance for Prosperity.

    Join more than 300 companies that are already building a more sustainable future.

    • + 230 thousand tons CO2 offset

    • + 152 million trees saved

    • + US$ 30 million allocated for the Amazon rainforest

    • Testimonies

      Our experience with Moss has opened new horizons on how to structure Grupo La Torre’s ESG policies.

      For the first time, we achieved sustainability goals that were previously unattainable.

      Luigi Rotunno, CEO of Grupo La Torre

    • Testimonies

      I am very proud to see South System working side by side with Moss, a company that drives us to fight global climate change.

      With Moss’s carbon credits, we offset the carbon emissions of our activities over the past seven years, securing the Carbon Neutral label.

      I am very happy about this partnership!

      Francisco Moreira, CEO South System


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