5 Reasons to believe in the MCO2 Token

5 razões para acreditar no MCO2 Token

Discover the world’s first green digital asset, the MCO2 Token and join Moss, the world’s largest environmental platform

Over the past few centuries, humanity has consistently increased its carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

This process, which was greatly accelerated by the Industrial Revolution, leads to a rise in the planet’s temperatures, causing the phenomenon known as global warming.

This phenomenon has a number of serious social and environmental consequences. Among these are the extinction of many species of animals and plants, prolonged droughts, high-intensity hurricanes, and an increasingly Uninhabitable Earth.

This will generate a significant amount of climate refugees, people who are forced to migrate from their homes given extreme climatic events like raging wildfires, floods, or the creation of food deserts.

Making sure that action is taken by all of us, individuals and companies, to help stop and combat climate change.

What is the MCO2 Token?

The MCO2 Token is the blockchain-enabled carbon credit developed by Moss. Each MCO2 purchased is equivalent to one ton of carbon equivalent that is no longer emitted into the atmosphere.

In the carbon credit market, Moss is the largest environmental platform in the world.

Carbon credits are a part of the solution to climate change, but they are not everything that needs to be done. It’s important to think about your habits to reduce your carbon footprint and to offset the remainder that cannot be reduced. This allows environmental projects to continue preserving endangered areas.

5 reasons for you to believe in our carbon credit

1. Our projects

Our credits come from forest conservation projects that avoid the emissions of tons of carbon dioxide. In a year, we have already channeled more than US $13 million for the preservation of 780 thousand trees in the Amazon Rainforest.

Through processes that involve site visits, interviews, documentation verification, investigations and technical risk assessment, Moss chose 20 of the best 200 projects in Brazil, whose function is to capture excess greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Some of them have already been detailed here on the blog, like: the Agrocortex Project, one of the largest sustainable forestry initiatives in the country, focused on long-term timber production; Fazenda Fortaleza Ituxi, which focuses on sustainable management to reduce carbon dioxide emissions; and Amazon REED + IFM, which aims to conserve more than 20 thousand hectares of forest in the Amazon.

2. Our team

The Moss team is composed of highly prepared professionals who are passionate about the environment.

We are a global company under the leadership of Luis Felipe Adaime, our CEO. With a degree from Stanford University, after having worked at large companies like Credit Suisse, Luis saw carbon credits as a pillar of the solution to global warming.

Through Moss, he placed carbon credits in the Ethereum blockchain, and it is now fast and easy to offset a person’s or a company’s carbon footprint. It takes less than two minutes!

We also have a dedicated team of shareholders, including renowned environmentalist Fábio Feldmann. As a Constitution Deputy, Fábio was responsible for developing the chapter on the environment in the Brazilian Constitution, one of the most advanced texts in the world on this topic.

In the following years, he has continued working on global discussions in environmentalism. At ECO 92 (United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development – Rio 92), he led the delegation of Brazilian parliamentarians. He also held the position of the State Secretary for the Environment of the State of São Paulo.

Fábio has always sought the path of environmental preservation and sustainable development; he founded SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation 35 years ago. Today he continues this journey with Moss, the largest environmental platform in the world.

3. Transparency and security

Transparency and security are crucial to our business. We are a tax audited company by Deloitte, which has more than 176 years of reliability in the international market and more than 700 offices around the world.

Our carbon credits are in the Ethereum network; blockchain technology allows every transaction to be tracked and visible to everyone. Recently, our MCO2 Token was audited by Certik, a company specializing in blockchain security. Certik pioneered the cryptoverse by using the formal verification process in smart contracts and blockchain.

This means that our token is not proven to be safe and free from vulnerabilities.

Our MCO2 token generation was audited by EY (Ernst & Young), one of the largest independent auditing companies in the world, certifying the integrity and transparency of the carbon credits we transact and the MCO2 to our customers and partners.

For us, it is extremely important that our customers have security in our work and that is why we are part of System B.

We received the pending status B Corp, a special status for new businesses. This puts us on the path to B Corp certification, which is “the highest standard for socially responsible companies.”

4. We already offset the emissions from large and international companies

In less than a year, we have established partnerships with several companies, Brazilian and foreign, to offset their carbon emissions. Among them, we can mention Bionexo, Rally dos Sertões, Mitsubishi, Hering, Gol, Brainvest, C6 Bank, among others.

5. We are in the world largest exchanges

To make it even easier to buy and trade your carbon credits, we are at two of the largest exchanges in the world: ProBit, a South Korean-based exchange, Gemini, one of the largest exchanges in United Stated and NovaDAX and Mercado Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrencies platform in Latin America.

How to purchase my MCO2 Token?

To buy your MCO2 Token click here. If you have questions and need a step-by-step guide, just click here

The change that can save the planet is in our hands. By offsetting our carbon footprint, we reduce the impacts of global warming and build a better world together. 

Contact us. With Moss, it’s easier to make your day-to-day choices more and more sustainable.

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