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Green BTC: the first environmentally friendly bitcoin is here

MOSS, Dexprotocol and Wrappedfi introduce the first environmentally friendly bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s carbon footprint has made crypto investors worried and is a recurrent media criticism. That’s because the Bitcoin network, like most useful things in society, consumes energy. While a significant and growing portion of the energy it requires comes from renewable sources, some of it comes from carbon-emitting sources.

The good news is that now it’s very easy to offset that carbon footprint using blockchain technology itself.  What can we do about it today?

Introducing the DEXTF Green BTC Token: 

A decentralized asset launched via DEXTF protocol that uses carbon offsets. The majority of the asset’s capital will be held in WBTC, a wrapped bitcoin token issued by Wrapped.com, and a small portion will be used to purchase MCO2, a token created by Moss Earth, which represents certified reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

If you are uneasy about your Bitcoin investments for environmental reasons this is the product for you. DEXTF is an oracle-less digital asset management infrastructure on blockchain that allows anyone to create, mint, and redeem tokenized portfolios (XTF  tokens) At present, DEXTF supports more than 70 tokens. 

As you know, moss.earth is the world’s largest environmental platform. Our mission is to combat climate change and preserve the planet. MOSS’ carbon credits are fully tokenized (coded into blockchain), leading to the highest security possible. We use AI and blockchain and top-notch tech. MOSS is a global agent at the largest carbon credit registry and has audited its process with best-in-class companies. We can serve and provide carbon offsets for anyone from the largest companies in the world to the individual level!

We are creating a green bitcoin ETF along with One River Asset Management

The MCO2 is the solution to crypto’s carbon footprint. This Monday, we were mentioned on CoinDesk, the largest cryptocurrency news website in the world. The article highlights One River Digital Asset Management’s filing of an application with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the creation of a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) that will be carbon neutral.

To achieve this goal, One River partnered with MOSS to use MCO2 tokens. In the SEC filing, the One River Carbon Neutral Bitcoin Trust would be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the carbon credits will be used to offset the emissions associated with the bitcoin in the fund. 

About One River 

One River Asset Management is an innovative investment manager dedicated to delivering high-conviction absolute-return strategies that help our clients build superior portfolios. We see the world in a period of major economic, policy and political transition, with the investment landscape shifting in ways that will make the coming decade look profoundly different from the past decade. Our strategies are built to profit from this dynamic environment while providing strong diversification benefits to traditional investment portfolios. Each is developed and managed by our diverse team of investment professionals with deep expertise in volatility, macro, inflation, digital asset and systematic trading/investing.

The firm manages assets for some of the world’s most prestigious institutions. Our strategies are offered at sensible fees via commingled Cayman funds, and can be delivered in bespoke combinations for large investors via fund-of-one vehicles, managed accounts, swaps or UCITS compliant structures.

About Wrapped 

Wrapped lets investors use their digital assets to lend, borrow, and trade on all major defi platforms. Each wrapped asset is fully-collateralized and held with a qualified custodian. Learn more by visiting http://wrapped.com.

Wrapped also created an Eco BTC on Celo network

Today Wrapped announced Eco BTC (eBTC), the world’s first carbon-neutral, Bitcoin-backed asset. Eco-conscious investors can now get exposure to Bitcoin while simultaneously addressing their concerns about Bitcoin’s carbon footprint.

eBTC combines Bitcoin and MOSS.Earth Carbon Credits (MCO2) in a single digital asset. Users of eBTC can transact using an asset backed 1:1 with Bitcoin while also receiving the following benefits:

  • Use Bitcoin in trading and DeFi applications in a carbon neutral manner.
  • Track the data necessary for ESG or sustainability programs.
  • Convert back into the underlying Bitcoin asset 1:1.

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So, what are exchanges?

Understand what exchanges are and what these enable you to do with your crypto assets


When you go on a trip outside of your country, you usually go to a currency exchange to trade your dollars or euros to the local currency. The same is true in the crypto world: if you want to own Bitcoin, Ethereum, or MOSS Carbon Credits, you must look for a place that will trade your hard-earned money for the crypto asset of your choice. 

An exchange is a digital marketplace that allows you to purchase, sell, or exchange your crypto assets. The main function and differentiators between the many online exchanges is to offer this service in a fast, secure, and legal manner. For this reason, exchanges typically charge fees when buying assets and require documentation when you register.

In a peer-to-peer exchange, outside of a centralized exchange, it is impossible to truly know the origin of the asset or money involved in the transaction. Although your intentions are lawful and correct, regulators may not see these with the most favorable view.


It is important to know that there is a variety of online exchanges that offer different services, so the goal is to compile a summary of the most basic and common to all of them. 


An exchange typically buys a large quantity of crypto at wholesale price and resells them at the market price. It is worth remembering that the price of any crypto asset can vary from exchange to exchange, as they all work independent of each other. In this case, this is different from buying stock on a stock exchange or dollars at a currency exchange, where prices are much closer among competitors. 


This service allows users to buy, sell, and trade crypto assets among themselves. In this case, the exchange acts only as an intermediary.


When buying and selling crypto assets, it is possible to automate the process while setting a limit on the price of the orders. For example, you can set your account to buy a specific crypto asset for under US $100. When the asset drops below this price, the exchange will complete the transaction for you, and you will not have to track daily price changes. 

  • LOAN

A user can borrow digital assets from the exchange. The payment of the loan, as is typical with a common bank loan, requires payment of interest.


This service enables you to store your crypto assets securely in your digital wallet.


Before choosing an exchange, you must consider many factors. It is important to understand an exchange’s transaction volume, rates, and reputation online. Additionally, check if the specific exchange you’re interested in works in accordance with the local laws of your country. You can also diversify your investments across more than one platform; for example, you can buy your assets in one platform and store them in another.


To buy your MCO2 Token,you do not need to use an exchange. You can buy your credits through MOSS’ official platform

If you are already involved in the crypto world, you can also find the MCO2 Token on global exchanges like ProBit, a South Korea-based exchange, and Mercado Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency platform in Latin America. You can also find our token on Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange in the world.

To purchase your carbon credits, click here. The process takes less than two minutes, is relatively inexpensive (around US $16),and is perennial. Additionally, it is a safe and audited asset by international institutions that regulate the carbon credit market.

The change that can save the planet is in our hands. By offsetting our carbon footprint, we reduce the impacts of global warming and build a better world together. 

Do you want to know more about the MCO2 Token? Click here and learn more about the largest green digital asset in the world!

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