How to buy and offset credits with MOSS

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions save lives which makes MOSS carbon credits the opportunity of a lifetime.

The MOSS platform serves as an easy-to-use virtual space for you to buy, store and offset your carbon credits. It's fast, simple and secure.

MOSS sells carbon credits to individuals and companies on the 100% digital platform.


Buy carbon credits that support certified projects. After your first purchase, we will store your carbon credits on a digital wallet.


The MOSS platform is a transparent and safe place to keep your carbon credits until you offset them.


You can offset your carbon footprint anytime on our platform. It is your retribution to nature's well-being.

Carbon credits in the global market

Many say they'd pay anything to save the world, but with MOSS, it is easier than ever.

US$ 70

Europa 2026

US$ 8-15

MOSS Marketplace

US$ 10


US$ 12

Créditos da Amazônia

US$ 25

Créditos da Amazônia

US$ 15


US$ 70

Europa 2026

US$ 182

Preço Equilíbrio LSE*

*Preço equilíbrio LSE (London School of Economics): é o preço de crédito de carbono estimado que zera as emissões globais.

US$ 27

Europa 2020

Frequently asked Questions

How does the MOSS platform work?

You can follow our offers, just click on "MOSS OFFERS" and make your purchase.

How do I access the MOSS platform?

  1. Click on the SIGN UP button, which appears in the upper right corner of your screen.
  2. Register for an account. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. Once you receive the verification email,  confirm your account and log into the MOSS marketplace.

How are the prices of carbon credits sold at MOSS defined?

MOSS does not set the prices. They are formed independently by the users themselves, and follow market rules of supply and demand. If there is more demand than supply the price tends to rise, and if there are more offers to sell than buyers, the prices tend to fall.

Why are the carbon credits by MOSS the best choice?

They are the lowest prices in the market. The carbon credits by MOSS costs up to 50% less than the same credits sold in the USA or EU.

How can I buy carbon credit with MOSS?

You can follow offers or buy from other MOSS users directly in our platform, simply and instantly. Just click on "MOSS OFFERS" and buy.