The positive impact on the Amazon forest is just the beginning of all the good your carbon credits will do for the world.

Our mission is to repair and compensate for the negative impact on the planet as well as create a new sustainable, regenerative system that produces positive environmental, social and economical impact. All with making this an attractive value proposition for our clients. 

Our key areas of positive impact include:


Your purchase of carbon credits goes immediately to projects for the preservation of the Amazon forest, which includes fighting deforestation, acting against global warming and protecting fauna, flora and water resources in the Amazon region.

Project Story: Ituxi

Ituxi is a 150,000-hectare project in Amazonas state. This project protects an area equivalent to more than twice the size of New York City.

Projects like this lead to several other indirect positive consequences, such as the preservation of local biodiversity, fauna and water resources.

Social Impact

To be certified, most carbon credit projects in the Amazon forest are required to build schools and hospitals, promote local professionalization, as well as provide other assistance programs. As a result, the commerce of carbon credits also leads to income generation, an increase in schooling and life expectancy, and reductions in unemployment and child mortality.

Project Story: Juma

Project Juma, which is committed to providing education to children in Brazil, is one of the largest and most respected social impact projects in the state of Amazonas.

Projects such as Juma also work to strengthen the sustainable cycle of activities and engagements with residents in local Amazonas communities.

Economical Impact

Your purchase leads to a huge economical impact. The resources from the sale of carbon credits lead to better employment for people in Amazonian communities, which in turn gives them access to more benefits from the State. As the income of local communities increases, the cash flow raises the entire region's economic growth.

Project Story: Agrocortex

40% of the world's tropical forests are in Brazil.

Today, Brazil only certifies 5 million credits per year, but has the potential to certify 1.5 billion. If the price of the credits approaches the current European value, this can result in 60 billion USD in exports for Brazil's Amazon forest.

Agrocortex is a 186,000-hectare project between Acre and Amazonas (an area larger than the city of São Paulo). They have prevented the equivalent of 3,300 football fields worth of deforestation in the Amazon forest since 2014.

Preventing deforestation like this also helps in the preservation of local biodiversity, fauna and water resources.