How can I offset my carbon footprint?

Pegada de Carbono

Learn more about carbon footprint and how to offset greenhouse gas emissions and save our planet

Throughout our daily lives, in every action we take, we leave a mark behind, whether our actions are good or not. It is like walking on damp ground and looking back: you will see the footprint of the path that you have taken.

The idea behind the carbon footprint relies on the same concept: it is a consequence of our daily lives.

Many of the choices we make directly lead to the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere (GHG). It is these actions that make up our carbon footprint.

For example, when you drive a gas car to work, you leave a carbon footprint behind; this includes the manufacturing process of the car, the burning of fossil fuels that made the car run, and the entire life cycle of all its components.

Even simple behaviors, like using plastic bags, are responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases. For example, the creation of 5 plastic bags emits 1 kg of carbon equivalent to the atmosphere.

How can I find out what my carbon footprint is?

When learning about a carbon footprint for the first time, the logical question is to ask ourselves how we can measure this footprint so that we can understand the consequences of our actions on our planet.

There are several digital calculators available today that will answer this based on your daily routine. It includes activities like the type of transportation you use to get to work, your monthly consumption of fast foods, or the hours in a day you use your computer.

Here is an example, the Carbon Footprint Calculator by Moss:

After answering these questions, you will know how many tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) you emitted last year and will be able to measure how many MCO2 tokens you need to offset your emissions.

Besides offsetting your carbon footprint some habits you can change on our article.

How can I offset my carbon footprint?

One of the ways for you to offset your carbon footprint is to acquire carbon credits; Moss, the world’s largest environmental platform, sells them on its platform via the MCO2 token.

Carbon credits are a certificate that proves that a ton of carbon equivalent* is no longer emitted into the atmosphere. This occurs through the carbon credits from projects that aim to capture the excess carbon dioxide (CO2) in the environment, with measures that include environmental conservation, reforestation and sustainable forest management.

If you want to know more about these projects, click here.

How can I buy carbon credits through Moss?

Today, any person or company can purchase the MCO2 Token: the carbon credit sold by Moss. To purchase yours, just click here. It takes less than two minutes and is a perennial, safe and audited asset by international institutions that regulate the carbon credit market.

In just over a year, we have already channeled more than US$ 13 million to projects that work to preserve the environment. Buy your carbon credits now, offset your emissions and help save the planet.

*equivalent carbon: as there are several gases that cause the greenhouse effect (in addition to carbon dioxide), the equivalent carbon was created, which is a concept used to represent all these gases in a single unit, in order to make the credit market viable of carbon.

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