Carbon neutrality closer than you think: iFood, the largest Brazilian delivery company, has already offset all its deliveries emissions in 2021.

In a successful partnership with Moss, iFood has alreal offset the CO2 emissions of all its deliveries in 2021. Hence, it has become the first carbon neutral Brazilian foodtech company.

Companies around the world increasingly have been searching for new sustainable solutions to minimize the environmental impacts. Now, the compensation is already part of Brazilians’ daily basis. 

In 2021, the company announced a program with environmental goals, iFood Regenera, to contribute with the most diverse initiatives of environmental preservation.

With the aim to become carbon neutral, iFood began to investigate how it should invest in compensation. Our team of environmental engineers, product and technology came with a proper solution suited to iFoods business model.

The study was made through an inventory of all greenhouse gases (GHG) of the scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, making the carbon compensation thought carbon credits possible.

iFood + Moss Step by step: how does the advanced carbon neutrality of GHGs work?

iFood has made an evaluation of its ordering that will be made by the end of the year. 60 million orders are made, per average, each month.
The calculator, developed by Moss, predicts how many tons of CO2 will be emitted into the atmosphere in order to make all its orders. 115 tons were compensated advancedly by iFood in July of 2021.
By knowing the volume of CO2 emitted in this period, the area of forest that must be preserved to neutralize emissions is calculated.
iFood, then, buys, via Moss, carbon credits of forest conservation projects with VCS (Voluntary Carbon Standards).

1 carbon credits = 1 CO2 ton captured

115 mil carbon credits = 1.250.00 square metros of Amazon Rainforest preserved (125 official stadiums)

136 trees are preserved by the hour | 1 tree is preserved each 30 seconds

These resources are invested in Amazon Rainforest preservation projects. Therefore, iFood collaborates to fight deforestation and to preserve green areas that, in the future, will capture CO2 from the atmosphere.

The projects that iFood invests in are REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation in Forest Degradation). With economic incentives, these projects aim are to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) emission, caused by deforestation and florestal degradation.

The compensation is made by the MCO2, the first green digital asset in blockchain, created by Moss. Each MCO2 is equivalent to one carbon credit, or, a ton of CO2 that has been avoided from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Moss utilized the carbon credits from REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation in Forest Degradation) projects of Amazon preservation. These carbon credits are certified by international organizations.

Why offset your CO2 emissions?

The partnership iFood + Moss has, as result, compensated the equivalent of 115 tons of CO2. This contributed to protect more than 1.250.000 square metros in the Amazon, an area of 125 oficial stadiums.

Among many benefited projects with carbon compensation, Fazenda Foraleza Ituxi was one of them, localized in the Amazon south.
The Fazenda Foraleza Ituxi has 150 ha aimed at environmental preservation and aims to reduce deforestation. In addition, the project encourages sustainable activities and empowers the local community to explore forest resources in a balanced way, minimizing impacts.

To make your customers aware of carbon neutral deliveries, iFood provides in-app information and notifications stating that the order has already been compensated.
Showing that, in order to fight the Amazon Rainforest deforestation, carbon credits investments are an assertive way to keep the biodiversity alive and maintain the social economical regional development.

The Amazon Rainforest is safe when you compensate.

To be carbon neutral is to believe in our commitment with the environment and to take ownership of our share of responsibility for the planet and future generations.
With Moss, you can calculate your carbon footprint or your company’s. We innovate and simplify the process to bring sustainability to your daily basis.

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