How can carbon credits save the world?

carbon credits

What are the alternatives to save the planet with carbon credits

As greenhouse gas emissions increased throughout the 20th century, the Kyoto Protocol established carbon credits in 1997. The purpose of creating these credits was to have a mechanism that could compensate for the emission of these gases, which cause severe social and environmental externalities, such as global warming, the extinction of species and natural phenomena of great impact like floods,hurricanes, and wildfires.

The carbon credit is a certificate that proves that a tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) is no longer emitted into the atmosphere. When you buy these credits, you are investing in projects that aim to capture the excess carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere, therefore minimizing the greenhouse effect and its consequences. 

What projects generate carbon credits? These are initiatives that aim to preserve forests and enable sustainable management, where the interaction with the forest is focused on causing the least impact to nature, supporting conservation efforts and local biodiversity.

How can I purchase carbon credits?

Today, any natural or legal person can buy carbon credits. With a cost of around $18, these credits can be purchased online in a maximum of two minutes.

Within the carbon credit market, MOSS stands out as the largest environmental platform in the world that offers this service. On our digital platform, credits can be bought and sold in a safe and transparent market, as they are audited by international institutions that regulate the registration of credits following a global protocol.

When you buy carbon credits, you directly finance projects aimed at environmental protection, forest management (in particular, the Amazon Rainforest), and social responsibility, improving the quality of life of the people in the region where the project is located.

What projects does MOSS support?

Today, several environmental projects are supported through the purchase of MOSS carbon credits, such as the Amazon Rio REDD + IFM, Agrocortex and Fazenda Fortaleza Ituxi.

The Amazon Rio REDD + IFM project consists of the conservation of four private areas called Amazon Rio I, II, III and IV. Together they add up to 20,387 hectares of primary forest, located in the state of Amazonas.

The main objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so the actions include the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, sustainable social development of the region, like the promotion of ecotourism and scientific research, and reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through curbing deforestation and forest degradation.

Agrocortex Madeiras do Acre is a company in the Brazilian forestry sector focused on sustainability. The company supports one of the largest sustainable forestry projects in Brazil aimed at long-term timber production, the Agrocortex REDD Project, based on practices that respect the environment so as to never deplete natural resources and still contribute to forest regeneration.

In 2020, Agrocortex REDD was the winner of the Voluntary Carbon Market Rankings 2020 award, in the category of Best Individual Compensation Project. “From 2014 to 2020, the project has already prevented the deforestation of 5,300 hectares of forest. 

In addition, it generated income and jobs for one of the poorest regions in Brazil. The project has VCS, SocialCarbon and FSC certifications, and 100% of the sales of carbon credits are reinvested in the project.

Fazenda Fortaleza Ituxi aims to protect forests located in one of the regions with the highest rate of deforestation in the Amazon: the municipality of Lábrea, in Amazonas. The project also includes the implementation of activities to support and guarantee sustainable forest management, benefiting the local community.

The forest management plan began its implementation in 2013 and has a proposed duration of 30 years. By 2015, a reduction of 1,181,732 tons of carbon dioxide was estimated. You can learn more about the Fortaleza Ituxi project on our blog.

For projects like these to continue to exist, it is essential that people, companies and governments come together to raise awareness of the importance of the rainforest. This will attract investments and incentives that include projects such as Amazon Rio REED + IFM, Agrocortex and Fazenda Fortaleza Ituxi. 

If you are interested in this subject and also want to be a change agent to help this and other projects, click here, to access our platform right now and register.

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