• Save the Amazon with the world's first green digital asset.

    Offset your business’s carbon footprint

    When offsetting its carbon footprint, your company supports, through the work of selected projects, the preservation of an area superior to 800 thousand acres with over 500 million trees on it.

  • The increase in deforestation in the Amazon

    The increase in deforestation in the Amazon

    Deforestation in the Amazon has increased exponentially in recent years, despite the creation of projects, such as the Ituxi farm, which works to protect the forest.

  • LIVES: Learn all about carbon credit

    LIVES: Learn all about carbon credit

    Videos you NEED to watch to understand how carbon credit can save the planet.

  • Blockchain: What is it and what is it for?

    Blockchain: What is it and what is it for?

    Understand how technology works that is revolutionizing business structures around the world – and your day-to-day life.

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By the time you scroll down this page, we will have lost 15 football fields of the Amazon Rainforest


Our greatest innovation: putting carbon credits into blockchain

The first truly global Carbon Credit Token, that provides ease, transparency, global scale, and security for your carbon footprint compensation.


Icone CO2

869 858

tonnes of CO2 compensated

Icone Planeta

734 000 000

trees preserved
Icone Planta

+10 000 000 USD

transacted to the Amazon Rainforest

The positive change on the rainforest that MOSS has enabled is just the beginning of all the good that your carbon credits will do for the world. Our mission is to repair and compensate the negative effects on our planet and to create a new sustainable, regenerative system that produces positive environmental, social, and economic impact while offering a great value for our clients.


Optimism is part of our reality because we believe we have the potential to change the health of our planet. We are attentive and aligned with projects that work directly in the preservation of our greatest wealth, the Amazon. 



Agrocortex benefits the city of Manoel Urbano with the work of sustainable management, generating jobs and significantly reducing deforestation in that region in a sustainable way.

Fortaleza Ituxi

Fortaleza Ituxi

The Fortaleza Ituxi project is an initiative that aims to protect forests located in one of the most affected regions of the Amazon with actions aimed at the sustainability of the area in the fight against burning and deforestation.

 Amazon Rio

Amazon Rio

The Amazon Rio project has as main objective the preservation of the forest for the riverside population who live and work in the preservation of subsistence culture and management of the production of chestnut, flour and açaí.

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    We have a team of partner influencers who are committed to helping us spread the world’s largest environmental platform.



    Our projects are certified to comply with the best-in-class protocols and standards.


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    CCB Standards
    Social Carbon
    EY - Attestation issued in accordance with ISAE 3000

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