HODL or OFFSET: What should I do with my MCO2 Tokens?


Understand the best strategy when purchasing your MCO2 Token, the world’s first green digital asset

When entering the crypto world for the first time, you must ask yourself: what should my strategy be when I purchase this digital asset? With respect to the MCO2, as it is a fungible token, should I burn it to offset my carbon footprint or should I keep my asset for the long term (HODL)?


If you have just entered the crypto world, you may have come across the term “HODL.” The term refers to more conservative traders who choose to buy and keep their digital assets preserved for a long term, in general, for at least one year.

The expression is the result of a typo in the BitcoinTalk forum. In 2013, a user called GameKyuubi opened a topic with the title “I AM HODLING”, when he actually wanted to write, “I AM HOLDING.” From that moment on, the expression became a meme, went viral and is still used today to describe investors who choose to keep their assets for a longer term.


There are also users with a more aggressive profile who carry out many daily crypto transactions, depending on market fluctuations. It is considered more risky than “hodling,” as there is greater exposure to daily gains and losses. It also needs a higher level of technical knowledge given the  volume of purchases and sales made daily.


To offset means to zero out our carbon footprints. Each one of our actions is responsible, directly or indirectly, for the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 

In order to offset these emissions, you can purchase MCO2 Token, the carbon credit sold by MOSS. Our tokens originate from the best-in-class preservation projects in the lungs of the Earth, the Amazon Rainforest. These projects also benefit local communities by enabling historically marginalized communities to participate in the economy. Finally, these projects also ensure that tons of greenhouse gas emissions are avoided. If you want to know more about the projects MOSS supports, just click here.


The best strategy will vary according to your profile. Do you intend to just offset your emissions or do you want to have carbon credit as a crypto asset to resell later? 

After the purchase, do you intend to participate in the daily market (day trader) or do you intend to keep credits as a long-term reserve?

This will vary according to the personal objective of each person and the profile of each user. When you purchase the MCO2 Token, you will be acquiring an asset that appreciated 700% in less than a year and was responsible, in the same period, for channeling more than US$ 13 million to the preservation of 780,000 trees in the Amazon Rainforest.


Today, any natural or legal person can acquire the MCO2 Token. To buy it, follow this link. It is a perennial and safe asset that has been audited by international institutions, and it can be yours in less than two minutes. Do you have any more questions on how to purchase your MCO2 Tokens? Click here to see the step-by-step guide and to become a part of the largest environmental platform in the world.

If you want to learn how to buy, check out the video we prepared in partnership with Mercado Bitcoin, Latin America’s largest crypto exchange:

To purchase your carbon credits, click here. The process takes less than two minutes, is relatively inexpensive (around US $16),and is perennial. Additionally, it is a safe and audited asset by international institutions that regulate the carbon credit market.

The change that can save the planet is in our hands. By neutralizing our carbon footprint, we reduce the impacts of global warming and build a better world together.

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