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Understand which alternatives can ensure that your company is an ally of the environment

Our planet has shown signs it needs attention on how we are relating to it. Whether individuals or large companies, everyone needs to rethink the way they deal with our environment and also how these impacts can be offset.

We’ve  talked about how we can calculate our carbon footprint with Moss here on the blog.  However, as humans who need the planet to survive, we need to look t beyond the personal impact one might have and address another niche that needs to be accountable: large companies.

These companies are responsible for a gigantic amount of CO2 daily fired into our atmosphere.

The way companies deal with the environment has already been frequently addressed, especially in relation to the ESGs, but it is also important that these companies work effectively to offset these impacts and Moss can be a great solution for your company.

How can I calculate the negative impact of my company?

A common question one might have is how to measure the impacts your company may have  on the environment. To help you work out your carbon emissions, Moss has a platform that  calculates these emissions and provides the best proposal to neutralize them.

What does being carbon neutral mean?

Over the years, with the increased environmental awareness and a rising number of international agreements aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions (such as the Paris Agreement in 2015), several companies and events are now seeking to neutralize their emissions. They aim to partially or even totally stop their activities’ negative impacts on the environment. For that, one of the solutions used is the  purchase of carbon credits.

How can Moss help you offset your company’s emissions?

If you want to offset your company’s carbon footprint, we can help you take action. Moss provides solutions and recommendations on where and how to minimize your impact by purchasing carbon credits.

With our calculator, you will know your company’s carbon footprint and can positively impact the environment by offsetting your carbon emissions.

Several companies and events have already received our carbon neutral or carbon friendly seals, such as: Gol, Bionexo, Rally dos Sertões, Brainvest, CryptoWeek and Call Me Layla.

This occurs through projects that seek to promote measures that include environmental conservation, reforestation and sustainable forest management. Thus, they aim to protect forests that, in the future, will capture carbon dioxide (CO²) from the atmosphere,

Moss’ MCO2 Token comes from forest conservation projects that also benefit local populations.

Some of these projects have already been detailed here on the blog, such as: the Agrocortex Project, one of the largest sustainable forestry initiatives in the country, focused on long-term timber production; Fazenda Fortaleza Ituxi, focused on sustainable management to reduce carbon dioxide emissions; and Amazon REED+IFM, which aims to conserve over 20,000 acres of forest in Amazonas.

If you want to neutralize the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of your company or event, just click here. Offset your emissions with the largest environmental carbon credit platform in the world!

Moss can help your company improve its ESG metrics

Some of the main points of the ESG metric are related to the environment and, within them, one of the most important in recent years is the increase in greenhouse gas emissions and consequently, global warming.

With Moss, companies and individuals can offset their carbon emissions. This is possible with the MCO2 Token, a carbon credit sold by Moss: the first in blockchain technology.

Where can I buy MCO2 Token, Moss’ digital assets?

Users who are already in the crypto world and already participate in several platforms can also acquire the MCO2 Token on global exchanges such as the South Korean ProBit, in addition to one of the largest North American exchanges, Gemini, and the Brazilians, Mercado Bitcoin and NovaDAX, the largest cryptocurrency platforms and digital assets in Latin America.

To offset your personal carbon dioxide (CO²) emissions, click here to register on our platform. If you want to neutralize the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of your company or event, just click here.

Offset your emissions with one of the largest environmental carbon credit platforms in the world!

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