Ethics & Compliance

1. What are carbon credits or environmental assets do on reducing emissions?

Carbon credits are certificates issued by an environmental project or company that has reduced its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By convention, 1 ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) corresponds to 1 carbon credit.

2. Is the negotiation of these credits regulated?

We operate in the voluntary carbon credit market, observing certification standards and best market practices.

3. How do you know that these assets are registered and are not being resold to others?

All credits traded on our platform are validated, monitored, and certified by institutions of high recognition and credibility in the national and international markets. Also, all these credits are duly registered on global platforms where it is possible to verify the existence and traceability of these assets. Besides, we have adopted in our platform, highly sophisticated asset tracking system through technology.

4. What to do to access the Moss platform?

# 1 Click on the "SIGN UP" button, which appears in the upper right corner of your screen;
# 2 Make your registration and wait for the confirmation email;
# 3 Once you receive the email verification message from Moss, simply confirm your account and log in to the platform.
# 4 From then on, just keep an eye out for our offers and wait for the best time to buy your credits.