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Privacy Policy

About the MOSS Platform‍

The MOSS.EARTH Platform, is a 100% digital environment specific and specialized in the sale of carbon credits, forusers-consumers to make the purchase of environmental assets, with the scienceand observance of the terms and conditions of use.

Information Sharing‍

MOSS is a certified website, which guarantees that your personal data is always protected and kept in total confidentiality. All financial transactions are processed and monitored by our system to prevent fraud and any other problems, with your personal and financial information. We are a family-owned and operated business.

All information entered, such as personal data, is encrypted (encrypted) before being transmitted. The collection as part of the purchase and/or sale process, management, processing, or use of the necessary personal information, will be treated in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of August 14, 2018 (Law No. 13,709). We are a family-owned and operated business.

Our privacy policy aims to ensure that any information relating to users will NEVER be published or commercialized under any circumstances, except in order to prevent or detect crimes, to the detriment of the user or MOSS itself. We are a family-owned and operated business.

MOSS will not sell, rent, or transfer your personal data to third parties. However, this information can be grouped and used, internally, as generic statistics, in order to obtain a better understanding of the users’ profile to improve the services offered by the company. We are a family-owned and operated business.

The user agrees that he can only submit true information, and acknowledges that MOSS is under no obligation to verify the accuracy of the data transmitted by the user or any other person. In this way, the user agrees that the content of the data sent through this website is the sole responsibility of the one who sent it, or of their legal representatives, when applicable, and MOSS is totally exempt from responding for any consequences of these contents.

Third-Party Sites‍

Our site may contain links to other sites. If you follow a link from any of these sites, please consider that this privacy policy does not apply to them. We are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of those sites, please check their privacy policies before sending them any personal data.

User Account and Password‍

As a security measure your personal data are protected by a password chosen by you at the time of registration on the MOSS website. It is your responsibility to use your user and password. Do not make them available to third parties.

To perform transactions of environmental assets (carbon credits) in our website, it is mandatory to open an account containing personal information such as Full Name, Date of Birth, tax or civilregistration number, full address and E-mail.

Ownership of Information and Services Provided by MOSS PLATFORM‍

All information contained in this website is property of MOSS or of the duly registered users, therefore, it cannot be altered, copied, extracted or in anyway used without the previous and express written authorization. Thus, when accessing, the user is aware that the improper use of the information contained herein may cause civil and criminal penalties.

The user agrees not to use the services available in this site to perform any business or activity prohibited by law, or to request the performance of any business or activity prohibited by law.

MOSS reserves the right to prohibit the conduct, communications or content that it considers, by its exclusive and absolute judgment, to violate any law or that is harmful to individual users, companies and/or third parties that appear in this website, or to the rights of MOSS or third parties. Nevertheless, nothing in this clause shall be considered an obligation of MOSS to individually monitor any communication made throught its website. All and any control in this sense will be performed by sampling, except in a specific case.


On the MOSS platform, cookies are used only to recognize a constant visitor and improve the user experience. Cookies are small data files transferred from a website to your computer’s disk and do not store personal data. During all this process we keep yourinformation in absolute secrecy. It is worth remembering that your data areregistered by MOSS in an automated way, without human manipulation.

Five Internet Security Tips

Do not use the browser’s password reminder feature if you are on a public computer. Do not click attachments in emails from unknown senders. If the sender is known and you have questions about the content ask before clicking the link. Never click a link without confirming that the destination is the same as the email says it is. To confirm, simply hover your mouse over the link and look in the information bar at the bottom of the monitor at the address of the link. Do not download pirated programs from the internet, most of the time they contain viruses. Keep your antivirus program updated.

NOTE: All e-mails sent by MOSS have the same information available in your account details, in our website. In case there is divergent information between your account details and the e-mail received, disregard the e-mail, since it may be a victim of fraud.

General Provisions

The user’s right to rectify any data sent to MOSS is reserved. However, the right of rectification of the user will not prevent or substitute the right of MOSS to disqualify the user in all the participations or acts performed through this website, at MOSS exclusive discretion, as well as to claim the applicable indemnities in case of erroneous information giving rise to any damages and/or losses to MOSS or third parties. For the purposes of this Policy, any rectification of the data by the user will only produce effects after its effective receipt by MOSS.

The user also agrees to exempt MOSS from any responsibility for damages resulting from the improper use of the website, by the user or any third parties, or which result from accident, modification or any other conduct or conditions not controlled by MOSS.

The user expressly acknowledges that the website, as well as the logos, brands, insignia, photos, images, descriptions, texts, symbols, distinctive signs, manual(s) and any other materials related to the website, constitute, as the case may be, copyrights, business secretsand/or property rights of MOSS, such rights being protected by the applicable legislation and that MOSS will not claim or claim at any time such property rights, as they were.

Nothing in this website shall be interpreted as transfer of rights. The user is expressly forbidden to reproduce, distribute, modify, exhibit, create derivative works or any other form of use of this website, including all its related material, other than its use by the user for knowledge of the services provided by MOSS.

In attention to the protection of the user’srights, it is hereby clarified and agreed that no ideas or suggestions related to products, services or any other work plans will be accepted, except whenexpressly requested and agreed in writing, in advance, with MOSS. Thus, the user declares, acknowledges and accepts that any transmission of ideas orconceptions may be used by any third party, including MOSS, for the purpose of developing and/or creating products using such information, without generating any obligation to compensate the user.

In case any clause, term or provision of this Policy is declared null and void, such nullity will not affect any other clauses, terms or provisions contained herein, which shall remain in full force and effect. The tolerance by MOSS regarding any violation of this Policy or its omission in the exercise of any right granted by it, will not be considered as novation or waiver regarding any future violation, similar or not, or the exercise by MOSS of any future right granted by this instrument.

The present terms and conditions will be governed by the Uruguayan law and any controversy that may arise from the Internet access services made available by MOSS to the user will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the city of Montevideo, with express waiver to anyother.

MOSS declares its satisfaction in having the users on its platform, but warns all users who meet the above conditions in the use of this website, especially regarding any authorization necessary for the User under 18 years old to navigate and provide data safely on this website.

MOSS reserves the right to change our privacy policy at any time. If there is any impact change we will highlight such change in this page.

Terms and conditions


1.1       These General Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms ofUse”) regulate the use of services offered by the company LIRDES S/A (lIRDES) joint stock company, RUC 218648730013, domiciled in Montevideo,Uruguay, whose services are provided through the website referred to as “MOSS” only.

1.2    By using the platform Services,the User agrees to the conditions set forth in this Term.


2.1       The MOSS system – – is a computer program consistent in a digital platform for the creation of a specific and specialized digital environment for the sale of carbon credits, so that users-consumer smake their purchases with the science and observance of the present Terms ofUse.


3.1       The use of any device, software or other resource that may interfere with the activities of the platform is not permitted. Any intrusion, attempt of, or activity that violates or contradicts the laws of intellectual property law and/or the prohibitions stipulated in these Terms of Use, will make the responsible person liable for the relevant legal actions, as well as the sanctions provided herein, being also responsible for compensation for any damages caused.

3.2       Eventually the system may not be available due to technical reasons or internet failures, or due to any other event arising from a fortuitous event or force majeure beyond MOSS control. The USERS may not assign to MOSS any responsibility nor demand the payment for lost profits due to damages resulting from technical difficulties or failures in thesy stems or in the internet.

3.3       The website may relate or point other websites of the network, which does not mean that these websites are owned or operated by MOSS. Not having control over these websites, MOSS is not responsible for the contents, practices and services offered in them. The presence of links toother websites does not imply a relationship of partnership, supervision, complicity or solidarity of MOSS with these websites and their contents.


4.1       The commercial use of the expression”MOSS” as a trademark, company name or domain name, as well as the contents of the screens related to the MOSS services as well as the programs, databases, networks, files that allow the USER to access and use his/her Account are property of MOSS and are protected by the laws and international treaties of copyright, trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs. The undue use and the total or partial reproduction of such contents are forbidden, unless expressly authorized by MOSS.

4.2       All tools and platforms used by MOSS are included in the above prohibition, as said tools and elements are made available to the USER in the website only in the state they are in and only for his/her information and personal use in the form designated by MOSS. Such elements and/or tools may not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed or, in any other way, exploited for any purpose, without the prior written consent of MOSS.

4.3       The use of automatic means, including spiders, robots, bots,crawlers, data collection tools or the like to download/copy data from the siteis prohibited.

4.4       The website may “link” ads thatrefer to other websites, which does not mean that these websites are owned oroperated by MOSS, and MOSS will not be responsible for the contents, practices and services offered in these websites. The presence oflinks to other websites does not imply a relationship ofpartnership, supervision, complicity or solidarity of MOSS with those websites and their contents.


5.1       MOSS may change, at any time, these Terms of Use, aiming at its improvement and improvement of the services rendered, including changing its services, with enlargement, reduction, alteration or extinction, at any time, of the system characteristics, by means of publication in its own website.


6.1       The acceptance and binding, by the USER,to the MOSS system according to the conditions of these Terms of Use will be done by clicking on the icon “ACCEPT”, highlighted in the form of a key. In case you disagree with the content of any clause provided inthese Terms of Use, the USER must click on the icon “I DO NOT ACCEPT”, also highlighted, in the form of a key. Any doubt about the content of the provisions herein may be solved by contacting the MOSS Service Channel.


7.1 MOSS services are available only to people who have legal capacity to hire them. Therefore, people who do not have this capacity or people who have been disabled in MOSS cannot use them.

7.2 Legal Entities may register by their legal representatives.


8.1 MOSS is a digital platform for sales of carbon credits to its users.

8.2 The assets traded on our platform are those resulting from greenhouse gas emissions reductions, validated and certified by international certification standards – carbon credits.        The user is aware and agrees that once the transaction has been concluded on the platform, he/she/it has carried out a purchase transaction, adhered to the terms and conditions setforth in this instrument and in the trading conditions arranged and accepted onthe platform at the moment the transaction is concluded.


9.1  MOSS for legal reasons, will not commercialize through its platform, environmental assets for individualsand companies, in the domestic market of Uruguay.

9.2       The present terms and conditions will be governed by the Uruguayan legislation and any controversy that may arise from the Internet access services made available by MOSS to the user will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the city of Montevideo, with express waiver to any other.

9.3       MOSS declares its satisfaction in having the users on its platform, but warns all the users who meet the above conditions in the use of this website, especially regarding any authorization necessary for the User under 18 years old to navigate and provide data safely on this website.