We are the World’s Largest Environmental Platform

Our mission is to combat Climate Change and to preserve the planet by using technology


By the time you scroll down this page, we will have lost 15 football fields of the Amazon Rainforest


Our greatest innovation: putting carbon credits into blockchain

The first truly global Carbon Credit Token, that provides ease, transparency, global scale, and security for your carbon footprint compensation.


869 858

tonnes of CO2 compensated

734 000 000

trees preserved

+10 000 000 USD

sent to the Amazon Rainforest

The positive change on the rainforest that MOSS has enabled is just the beginning of all the good that your carbon credits will do for the world. Our mission is to repair and compensate the negative effects on our planet and to create a new sustainable, regenerative system that produces positive environmental, social, and economic impact while offering a great value for our clients.

  • Julia Silva

    “Satisfied with the agility and quality of service.”

  • Felip Martine

    “Finally a platform focused on the environment, I am delighted with MOSS.”

  • Franco Saraiva

    “MOSS is democratizing access to carbon credits for everyone.”


    Our projects are certified to comply with the best-in-class protocols and standards.


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