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Blockchain: What is it and what is it for?

2021-02-26 12:24:36
Get to know the workings of the technology that is revolutionizing not only worldwide business structures, but also your daily life. The subject might even bring on some fear. And it makes sense. Understanding – and also trying to explain – what blockchain is, is always tough, even though it has been in operation for […]

The increased deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest

2021-02-23 14:18:23
From August 2019 to July 31st 2020,  9205km² of the Amazon forest area was deforested.  In the last few years, logging in the Amazon Rainforest has grown exponentially. Even with the rise in the number of institutes and projects that seek to protect the forest, like the Ituxi farm project, unfortunately, the amount of deforested […]


2021-01-22 01:40:30
Are carbon credits unexpirable assets? What regulates the credit value within the platform? The answers to these and other questions are found in this article.

Greenwashing: understand what it is and learn to identify it!

2021-01-22 00:31:00
Understand what greenwashing is, see examples of it and learn how to identify and avoid it.

Climate Change: The History, Scenario, and Future of our Planet

2021-01-22 00:11:45
Climate Change: read about the history, scenario, the future of our planet and why now is the time for us to take the first step.

Carbon credit markets: How they work and understanding externality

2021-01-22 00:00:35
Carbon credit markets: how does it work? What is it for? Learn more here.

Carbon Credits: what are they and how do they work?

2021-01-21 15:47:54
What are carbon credits? How do carbon credits work? Read this simple carbon credit guide and learn how it helps save the environment.

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