Climate change: we need to act now

Mudança climática

Understand a little more about the impacts that are resulting in phenomena such as climate change and global warming

The debate about the health of our planet is not new to anyone, after all, the constant climate change is already a result of global warming and has affected the daily lives of all of us. But there is one factor that helps explain why this is.

The Amazon has suffered from rampant deforestation. We cannot fail to discuss the importance of vegetation that is fundamental to life on Earth. These plants are the ones working to control the temperature, balance and dynamics of water on the planet. In addition, plants generate oxygen, food, fiber, fuel and also serve as a basis for medicine manufacturing.

Being aware that our health is connected to f the environment’s well-being is key to the development of effective alternatives that will change the outcome of our future.

The phenomenon of climate change is the result of the way humanity has been dealing with the planet. We’ve already talked about carbon footprint here on the blog, which is nothing more than the negative impact that each individual has  on the environment with their non-conscious consumption, such as: not properly disposing of waste, overusing cars, a bad diet among others.

Likewise, there are other factors, such as large companies, that contribute to the increasing   impacts of climate change . Some of these companies are not yet committed to reducing these impacts on the environment, which allows for the debate on policies that ensure the obligation of these companies and large industries to compensate for these damages.


There are organizations that work to enable alternatives for polluting companies to contribute to the preservation of the environment, such as buying carbon credits: a digital certificate that proves that a ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) is no longer emitted into the atmosphere by a certain company or environmental project.

We can say that it is the most appropriate way to transfer this cost to the polluter, making highly polluting companies buy carbon credits…

MOSS is an environmental climate tech that tokenized carbon credits, creating the MCO2 Token with credits from projects that preserve the Amazon rainforest. Thus, the purchase and offsetting of carbon credits became more secure and transparent.

The sale of carbon credits to offset the activities of companies is also a big step towards putting ESG metrics off the paper. In addition, it fosters  projects that work for f the preservation and recovery of the largest tropical forest in the world.


Since the beginning of the 2000s, companies have increasingly understood the environmental, social and governance pillars as fundamental for their survival, as we have previously written here on our blog. If before, results were  purely  short-term and financially focused, now, investors have realized that good environmental, social and governance practices are being noticed by their consumers and investors.

It is more and more important for companies to be aware of how to reduce their respective negative impacts on the environment. MOSS, through the carbon credits market, allows for the possibility of these companies offsetting these impacts.

In addition to companies, the way in which consumers choose their products has become more demanding, or rather, qualified, a sign that companies need to pay attention to meeting these demands.


One option to reduce and even completely neutralize your carbon footprint is the purchase of carbon credits by MOSS, the largest environmental platform in the world.

The carbon credit is a certificate that proves that one ton of carbon dioxide (CO²) is no longer emitted into the atmosphere.

Some of them have already been detailed here on the blog: the Agrocortex Project, one of the largest sustainable forestry initiatives in the country, focused on long-term timber production; Fazenda Fortaleza Ituxi, focused on sustainable management to reduce carbon dioxide emissions; and Amazon REED+IFM, which aims to conserve more than 20,000 acres of forest in Amazonas.


Users who are already in the crypto world and already participate in several platforms, can also acquire the MCO2 Token on global exchanges such as the South Korean ProBit, and the Brazilian one, Mercado Bitcoin, the largest platform for cryptocurrencies and digital assets in Latin America.


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