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Find out what are the alternatives that can help save the planet

Nowadays, it’s common to see large corporations willing to put ESGs into practice. The signs of global warming have alerted us about this and companies need to become better allies in this fight, if they really believe in a better future, acting positively for it.

Global warming is the progressive increase in the average temperatures of the oceans and terrestrial atmospheres across the globe. It is caused by the greenhouse effect, when the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere allows the passage of sunlight and the absorption of heat.

Although the greenhouse effect has been a natural phenomenon, over the years, especially since the Industrial Revolution, the emission of greenhouse gases resulting from human action has been rapidly growing, increasing the earth’s temperature and generating the phenomenon known as global warming.

With the increase in the Earth’s temperature and the ensuing climate change, the environmental balance is at risk. As an example, we can mention the change in ocean temperature with the melting of the polar ice caps, which threatens marine species.

Nevertheless, the human species itself is at risk. As melting glaciers also change sea level, territories that are now occupied by millions of people become uninhabitable (it is estimated to impact 10.4 million people, in the best case, by 2100). With forced migration to other territories, we will have the emergence of climate refugees.

How to control and stop global warming?

To reduce global warming, we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, that is, reduce our carbon footprint. Here on the blog we’ve already written some individual actions, from our daily lives that can help in this mission.

In addition to tips on how we should work to reduce the impacts of our carbon footprint, Moss offers companies the possibility to calculate and offset their emissions with carbon credits.

Why does my company need to offset its carbon emissions?

In a recent survey by the FIEP Agency, 87% of Brazilian consumers prefer to buy from sustainable companies, meaning consumers are choosing brands that are concerned about the health of the planet

Moss’ carbon credit is an alternative that can change the reality of your company, making it environmentally friendly the instant all CO2 emissions are offset.

We have partnerships with companies that have already offsetted and continue to offset their emissions with us, such as Bionexo, Rally dos Sertões, Brainvest, Hering, Gol, iFood, among others.

How can I calculate the negative impact of my company?

To help you calculate the carbon emissions of your business, Moss has created a specialized platform to provide the best proposal for neutralizing your activities.

In this way, you can secure international recognition with Carbon Friendly, Carbon Neutral and even Carbon Negative seals.

What is the meaning of each seal?

A company receives the Carbon Neutral seal when it fully offsets all its carbon emissions. When this compensation is partial, the company receives the Carbon Friendly seal.

We also have the Carbon Negative seal, which means that the company has offset 200% of the carbon footprint of its activities in a given year.

What is to be carbon neutral?

Being carbon neutral actually consists of taking measures that would naturally occur, but, in the modern context, need to be encouraged.

Thus, the aim is to encourage initiatives to plant trees and maintain existing ones, as a way of promoting carbon sequestration from the atmosphere.

Over the years and the increase in environmental awareness and the number of international agreements aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions (such as the Paris Agreement in 2015), several companies and events seek to neutralize their emissions.

They seek that their activities, in whole or in part, do not cause emissions to the environment, and one of these attitudes is the purchase of carbon credits.

How can Moss help offset your company’s emissions?

If you want to offset your company’s carbon footprint, we can help you take action. Moss provides solutions and recommendations on where and how to minimize your impact by purchasing carbon credits.

With our calculator, you discover your company’s carbon footprint and can positively impact the environment by offsetting its carbon emissions.

Several companies and events have already received our Carbon Neutral or Carbon Friendly seals, such as: Bionexo, Rally dos Sertões, Brainvest, CryptoWeek and Call Me Layla.

The MCO2 Token, our carbon credit, comes from forest conservation projects that can neutralize tons of carbon dioxide.

Some of these projects have already been detailed here on the blog, such as: the Agrocortex Project, one of the largest sustainable forestry initiatives in the country, focused on long-term timber production; Fazenda Fortaleza Ituxi, focused on sustainable management to reduce carbon dioxide emissions; and Amazon REED+IFM, which aims to conserve more than 20,000 hectares of forest in Amazonas.

Therefore, Moss helps your company to improve its ESG metrics, in addition, your company positively impacts the environment and the future of the planet.

The motive is because the main points of the ESG metric are issues related to the environment and, within them, one of the most important points in recent years is the increase in greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

Offset your emissions with one of the largest environmental carbon credit platforms in the world

With Moss, companies and individuals can offset their carbon emissions in an easy and uncomplicated way. This is possible with the MCO2 Token, a carbon credit sold by Moss: the first in blockchain technology, and which originates from environmental projects that can offset tons of carbon dioxide (CO²). 

So if you want to offset your personal carbon dioxide (CO²) emissions, click here to register on our platform.

Come and join the biggest environmental platform in the world.

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