How do I buy carbon credits?

Como comprar créditos de carbono?

Buy carbon credits with the world’s largest green digital asset and help save the planet

By purchasing these credits, you are contributing with projects that aim to capture excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thereby reducing the greenhouse effect, global warming and its environmental and social consequences, such as the extinction of animals and plants, the increase in the likelihood of droughts and extreme heat waves, the increase in sea level, a higher number of cyclones with strong intensity, and the growth of climate refugees (people who are forced to migrate due to climatic conditions).

MCO2 is a carbon credit token created by Moss.

A MCO2 token is equivalent to a carbon credit. In this market, Moss stands out as the largest environmental platform in the world that provides this service.

By tokenizing carbon credits, Moss created the MCO2 token. The carbon credit market becomes more democratic, secure and dynamic.

Thanks to the use of digital portfolios, carbon credits are no longer just an expense; they have become an asset, which can be sold globally on international exchanges. Blockchain increases the security of the process and gives more transparency to transactions.

How do buy MCO2 Tokens?

Today, any natural or legal person can acquire the MCO2 Token carbon credit. When you buy this asset, you help projects that focus on environmental protection, forest management (especially of the Amazon Rainforest) and social responsibility, thereby improving the quality of life of people in the region where the project is present.

Some of them have already been detailed here on the blog such as: Agrocortex Project, one of the largest sustainable forestry initiatives in the country, focused on long-term timber production; Fazenda Fortaleza Ituxi, with a focus on sustainable management to reduce carbon dioxide emissions; and Amazon REDD + IFM, which aims to conserve more than 20 thousand hectares of forest in Amazonas.

To purchase your MCO2 Tokens, just click here. It takes less than two minutes. In addition, it is a perennial, safe and audited asset by international institutions, which regulate the carbon credit market.

First of all, read why buy carbon credits on New York TimesNasdaq and Golden Standard.

Follow theses stpes to buy the MCO2 Token

Do you have questions on how to buy your carbon credits? We created this step-by-step guide to help you.

1 – Access the Moss website:


2 – Click on “Buy Carbon Credit Token” and register.

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3 – At the end of your registration, we will send a confirmation email to your inbox. Open this message and confirm your registration. It is important to look at all mailboxes in your email, as our message may end up in your spam folder.

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4 – Then, we will send an SMS with a 2-factor authentication code to your registered cell phone number. Enter this code and access your account. These actions are essential to ensuring the security of your registration with us.

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5 – In the menu, on the left, you will have the option to BUY. Click on it. 

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6 – Choose the amount of credits you want to buy and click next.

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7 – Now just choose your payment method: PayPal.

8 – Take the opportunity to explore our digital platform. Calculate your carbon footprint, offset your emissions, buy carbon credits and refer our platform to your friends.

9 – To purchase your carbon credits, just click here. It takes less than two minutes, and it’s cheap (around US$ 15.00 per credit); in addition to being a perennial asset, it is safe and audited by international institutions that regulate the carbon credit market. 

Now, with Moss, you can rethink your habits and offset your emissions in a few minutes. The change that can save the planet is in our hands, every day, just a few clicks away.

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