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Conscious consumption and companies

2021-08-25 19:16:08
Understand how corporate culture can help on  conscientious consumption Humanity around the world has made the exercise of evaluating how their habits can impact our health and also the health of our planet. As a result, companies are also increasingly taking on the cause of environmental responsibility and seeking new ways to contribute positively to […]

The difference between offsetting and carbon footprint

2021-08-18 18:24:18
Find out what makes the carbon footprint different and how to offset its impacts on the planet Today we are going to talk about two basic concepts of the carbon credit market that, at first, can generate some confusion. But with contextualization and better understanding of the  meaning of each of these concepts, you will […]

How does pollution affect our planet’s health?

2021-08-13 18:42:42
Understand the impacts of pollution and discover alternatives that can save the world. The way humanity deals with the planet has brought unwanted results that do not contribute positively to the future of the next generations. On August 14th, we celebrate the World Day to Combat Pollution and it’s an opportunity to remind us that […]

Caring for the planet needs to start now

2021-08-11 18:04:14
Find out what are the alternatives that can help save the planet Nowadays, it ‘s common to see large corporations willing to put ESGs into practice. The signs of global warming have alerted us to this and companies need to become better allies in this fight, if they really believe in a better future. Global […]

The time has come to take the ESG off the paper

2021-08-06 16:29:36
Discover alternatives that will help companies put ESG metrics into practice. The corporate universe has brought up the importance of building a transformative culture that aims to change the reality of many companies. Such as taking on the environmental responsibility that each one has and pursuing to reduce  every possible and respective impact to our  […]

Companies can become allies of the planet

2021-08-04 18:38:47
Find out which green alternatives can help transform the reality of companies The theme about sustainable practices in large companies has become frequent in a market where consumers, concerned with  their impact on the planet, are increasing research to be able to purchase products and services from environmentally responsible companies. Transforming  a company into  an […]

The importance of conscious consumption

2021-07-30 18:00:21
Understand how your choice towards conscious consumption can impact the health of our planet Society is changing and, in order to talk about securing a future, we must first rethink our habits, making smart choices. These changes are fundamental to reducing our negative impact on the planet, that is, our carbon footprint. Companies are increasingly […]

5 reasons why you should choose green companies

2021-07-29 13:38:24
Your choices directly impact the health of our planet The world is changing and the way we are dealing with it too. Companies are increasingly aware of the demands their customers bring to them, also,  customers are actively researching how these companies deal with their internal policies and their respective environmental impacts. A recently pertinent […]

The importance of carbon compensation to companies

2021-07-21 17:35:42
Learn more about the advantages companies have  when offsetting their CO2 emissions The importance of taking care of the environment has become more urgent.i  And it might have come to your attention  how much humanity needs to be aware of alternatives that can guarantee effective results for the planet. In the corporate world, topic discussions  […]

Find out how your business can help save the planet

2021-07-16 18:57:16
Understand which alternatives can ensure that your company is an ally of the environment Our planet has shown signs it needs attention on how we are relating to it. Whether individuals or large companies, everyone needs to rethink the way they deal with our environment and also how can these impacts be offset. We’ve  talked […]

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