Moss offsetting examples


Gol is Brazil’s largest airline with 20 milion passengers per year and has the world’s fifth largest Boeing fleet.

Now Gol passengers can offset their flight carbon emissions with Moss!


celo e moss

Celo is a global payment system on blockchain

Celo has partnered with Moss in three ways:

  • Offsetting network usage emissions
  • Listing the Moss carbon credit on its network
  • Buying Moss carbon credits for its reserve


One of the largest digital asset managers in the world

One River has offset its NYSE-listed Bitcoin fund emissions with Moss.

We are a
climate tech


We unite companies and people with a common objective: to combat climate change.


We simplify the offsetting process and guarantee the traceability and transparency of everything we do by using blockchain technology.



For you

Our routine impacts the planet daily. Our transportation, food, consumption, and energy use all emit greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming. Do your part by offsetting your carbon footprint.


For your business

Sustainability and climate issues are no longer just an abstract, future concern. Consumers are demanding that their favorite brands act on climate change.


Amazon Forest NFT

We have tokenized governance and economic rights to small forest areas into NFTs. You can now buy an Amazon NFT through Moss and protect your own piece of the forest.


MCO2 token

We have incorporated carbon credits into the MCO2 token, listed on some of the largest global exchanges: Coinbase, Gemini, and Uniswap.


Where does the money for carbon credits go?

We have selected the most reputable environmental projects that aim to reduce or prevent the emission of greenhouse gases, a step against climate change.


Preservation of Native Forests / Deforestation Prevention (REDD+)

These are projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by conserving large areas of forested land and preventing forest degradation. These projects also help to preserve local fauna, flora, and water resources. They generate jobs for local communities through monitoring, patrolling, and sustainable forest management.


Reforestation and Natural Regeneration

Projects that sequester greenhouse gases from the atmosphere through reforestation with native species. In addition, they help rebuild local biodiversity, increase green areas and create ecological corridors, help to maintain water resources, and generate jobs for the local community.


Credits Generated by Carbon Sequestration

Sustainable agriculture captures significant amounts of carbon from the atmosphere into the soil. We work with projects that promote sustainable agriculture via agroforestry systems or reduced use of chemical fertilization, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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