Moss joins the Celo Alliance for Prosperity

The company is now a part of the ecosystem of organizations that aim to promote social impact and financial inclusion through the use of blockchain technology.

Moss is joining the Celo Alliance for Prosperity, which is an ecosystem of organizations that aims to promote social impact and financial inclusion through the use of blockchain technology.

In January this year, Forbes Brazil published these amazing news about the startup. The Celo Foundation launched this initiative in March 2020 with aims of building an inclusionary monetary system that allows for conditions of prosperity for all parts involved.

As a member, Moss will expand the use of MCO2, its carbon credit-backed token, while intending to ensure the usability of Celo stablecoins in the future. “We have a similar vision of making digital assets more accessible. For this reason, we are excited to support and work with The Celo Foundation to stimulate sustainable growth,” said Luis Adaime, CEO and founder of Moss.

Through carbon credits and blockchain technology, Moss has enabled anyone interested to own a green digital asset, the MCO2 token. The idea is to democratize personal contributions to saving the planet and doing so in a quantifiable way. Because this is a digital token, it is available to anyone with a compatible digital wallet.

In an interview with Forbes, Chuck Kimble, Head of the Celo Alliance for Prosperity, explained that the institution’s objective is to support currencies backed by natural capital in order to create positive and significant changes in the world. “Moss has created a token that preserves the Amazon jungle and its mission is in line with our proposal.”

Source: Forbes Brazil


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