The world's first and largest environmental fintech.

Preserve the Amazon forest through the purchase of carbon credits.

When you buy MOSS carbon credits, you are helping save the Amazon forest and the unique role it plays in sustaining the environment.

MOSS carbon credits do more than reduce greenhouse gas emissions 

MOSS carbon credits increase the well-being of the local amazon communities by saving the Amazon forests, building schools, establishing hospitals and creating jobs.

Among the 55bh tons of emissions by corporations and individuals, the world offsets only 11bh tons.

What we do

Our actions within the Amazon forests have removed more than 2,000,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

Why it matters

In only five months, we preserved the equivalent of 1,000,000 football fields or an area times the size of New York city of Amazon forest.

How does it work

We offer a 50 - 75% discount on the same carbon credits sold by US and EU companies.

Learn more about carbon credit markets here.

30-40 USD with USA and UE markets.

16-20 USD with MOSS.

Credits are globally recognized assets that do not expire.

Credits can be purchased and offset in a safe and transparent platform.

You can buy carbon credits from the voluntary market that costs 30-50% less than other markets.

The advantages

With MOSS carbon credits, helping save the world is easier than you think.

What are carbon credits?

One carbon credit = one ton of avoided CO2 emission

Carbon credits are digital certificates that represent how much carbon dioxide (CO2) or greenhouse gas emissions a company has not used. Many corporations have to subisidize the greenhouse gas emissions standards, which increases the demand to purchase carbon credits.

Fact 1


The United Nations program for the Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation offers incentives to developing countries which allows them to protect, better manage and wisely use their resources.

The simplest carbon dioxide removal approach is to plant a tree.

Ken Caldeira
Atmospheric Scientist

Carnegie Institution for Science's
Department of Global Ecology

Fact 2

Voluntary carbon credit market

There are two types of demand in this segment from companies and people, that are self-regulated by a global foundation.

Fact 3

The sale of carbon credits remunerates the activity of environmental projects that lead to energy, reforestation, protection of existing forests, and avoiding greenhouse gases emissions among other benefits to the planet.

How it works

Buy and carry directly on our platform

Mobile-friendly Moss platform shows the current price of carbon credits and transaction history

Open an account and start buying carbon credits now!

Our Impact

MOSS supports projects that strengthens local Amazon communities

By preserving the forests and avoiding greenhouse gas emissions, the commercialization of carbon credits provides actions that address three vital areas of impact.

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MOSS-sponsored forestry projects help preserve the local biodiversity and fauna as well as the Amazon's water resources. Therefore: air, land and water are cleaner and healthier.

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Our long-term support in various programs increases job opportunities and improves education and the health of thousands of families in the Amazon forest.

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Our efforts in sustainable forest management projects increase employment, boost economic growth and improve the quality of local communities’ lives. 

What our customers says

"Satisfied with the agility and quality of service."

Julia Silva

"Finally a fintech focused on the environment, I am delighted with MOSS."

Felip Martine

"MOSS is democratizing access to carbon credits for everyone."

Franco Saraiva


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Our projects are certified to comply with the best-in-class protocols and standards.

The ultimate goal of carbon assets is to offset greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon assets traded by MOSS are not a digital currency or investment security. The use of carbon assets transacted by MOSS for the purpose of investment is the responsibility of the user.